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Swimming is one of the most popular activities in the world. If you’re looking to step up and challenge yourself away from the pool then open water swimming is the perfect way to take your swimming in a new direction.   Swimming requires a tranquil and perfectly focused mind. Open water swimming takes a different […]


Would you like your wedding to be a truly magical and enchanting moment? Then why don’t you make it a tropical fairy tale?   Reserva Conchal is where dreams and magic come true. Picture yourself enjoying the most beautiful moment of your life surrounded by an authentic tropical paradise that will captivate the heart of […]


Are you coming to Reserva Conchal soon? Then you should embark on a magical adventure in our extraordinary National Wildlife Refuge.   Encompassing a broad range of ecosystems — including a dry forest, an estuary and a mangrove swamp — our 98-acre wildlife refuge is truly amazing. Let your eyes, ears and spirit hear the […]


Getting together has also never been harder given people’s increasingly busier lives and the rising cost of nearly every form of travel. Making sure that you make the most of your family get together is important. It all starts with just a little bit of upfront planning.   How to plan a multi-family reunion Don’t […]


Every July 25 Costa Rica celebrates the anniversary of the day when the Partido de Nicoya, today known as Guanacaste, became a part of Costa Rica in 1824.     The festival does not commemorate a battle   The Annexation Festival is not a celebration of a violent takeover, but rather the commemoration of an […]


Truly authentic people have an ease about them that makes them instantly likable. They seem to know who they are and they appear comfortable in whatever circumstances they face. A lot of people yearn for that authenticity. They seek to become a more genuine person so they don’t have to spend so much time worrying […]


Have you been putting off traveling with your family due to work obligations, finances, or some other reason?  Let us show you why scientists agree on why is good for your family to take a vacation. Vacations mean spending quality time together Parents and children are consistently on the go. There is work, school, after […]


Meditate daily Meditation is a millenary practice that has been present in almost every ancient culture, helping our ancestors to equilibrate, concentrate, connect with their inner selves and being more wise. In a world full of distractions having a moment to reflect and just let things flow through our minds is a really good exercise […]


¿Did you know that urban living was found to raise the risk of anxiety disorders and mood disorders by 21% and 39% respectively? Although cities can offer us a great amount of comfort and commodities they can also bring us distress and high levels of anxiety. The effect of this can be fatal to us […]


Picture yourself racing through a coastal paradise. Watching natural wonders in your way, filling your lungs with the purest air, clearing your mind and spirit feeling the sea breeze and relaxing contemplating the ocean and the mystical rainforests in a place where the energy of life surrounds and embodies everything. Wouldn’t you like to swim […]