A truly green luxury adventure at Reserva Conchal

By on August 11, 2016

Finding a resort that offers guests both luxury and green solutions can be a hard task to do. But in Reserva Conchal, being green and trying to preserve the ecosystem that makes Costa Rica one of the most bio diverse places in the planet, while maintaining world class luxury standards is more than just a characteristic trait of our resort, it has become our central mission and philosophy.


Since Costa Rica became the mecca of eco-tourism, it has always been well known for its commitment with protecting and caring for its beautiful natural wonders and diverse flora and fauna, and this has made Costa Rica one of the best places to live and visit.


Reserva Conchal is aligned with this mission and that’s why we always search for new ways to protect the environment while offering our guest the best services and amenities.


Our Carbon Neutral Certification, along with the Sustainable Tourist Certification and the ISO 14001 guarantee you an authentic green luxury experience that will change your paradigms and make you aware that being green is more than just a trend.


And in our way to convert our resort into a 100% sustainable paradise, we are working on an innovative desalinization plant that will allow us to convert sea water into fresh water ready to use across the resort.


Want to be part of what makes Costa Rica an authentic eco-tourism paradise? Come to Reserva Conchal and discover what a truly green resort can offer.




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