Leave the comfort zone and embark on a wonderful experience that will change your life.

By on July 12, 2016

¿Did you know that urban living was found to raise the risk of anxiety disorders and mood disorders by 21% and 39% respectively? Although cities can offer us a great amount of comfort and commodities they can also bring us distress and high levels of anxiety. The effect of this can be fatal to us and our families: lower life expectancy, emotional and behavioral disorders, poor physical health and many other factors that can affect you later in life. 

Maybe that’s why many people have turn to places that offer another type of atmosphere and rhythm. And, for a long time, one of the most popular oasis have been the magical and enigmatic Costa Rica.


costa-rica-linking-tourism-conservation_e576This Latin American jewel has one of the highest life expectancies in America -even higher than the United State-, and the people who come here are the ones who discover why. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes -breathtaking volcanoes, crystal clear beaches, spectacular mountains and vibrant flora- Costa Rica guards 6% of the world’s biodiversity, a truly magical place for anyone who is seeking for an adventure, mental and physical balance or just a
place to just live life at its fullest.


The spiritual and physical benefits of living near nature and the beach are vast. Many studies and experts have concluded that living near these spaces contribute to a longer and less stressful life, better health thanks to the coastal air and the sunlight, and can also help people struggling with diabetes. Connecting ourselves to nature and living with harmony are also great benefits of living in magical places like Costa Rica.

Leaving our comfort zone can be terrifying, but in Reserva Conchal we have all you need to start an extraordinary and authentic life. Come visit us and be part of the “Pura vida” lifestyle. We assure you that this will be an adventure that you and the ones you love will never forget.




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