This is why you should leave everything behind and escape to the beach

By on July 6, 2016

The beach is one of the most popular destinations when we think about escaping the routine. There’s just no place quite as relaxing, beautiful or pleasant, and no place that combines the simple pleasures of unplugging and enjoying nature in our otherwise tech-heavy and work-driven realities.

But beyond the simple pleasures, the beach hides incredible benefits to our minds and bodies. Here are 7 reasons why the beach should be our next trip:

  1. Costal Air

Coastal air is different than air that is found farther inland. This is because air along the coast is charged with negative ions that allow the body to more easily absorb oxygen. The result is that serotonin levels are more equalized. This can improve your mood and decrease your stress level. It can also help you to sleep more deeply and peacefully at night, and this can have a beneficial effect on your overall level of health and well-being.


2. Sun

Sure, that milk your drinking is fortified with vitamin D, but the truth is most people get 80 to 90 percent of their daily dose from sun exposure. According to information provided by the Harvard Medical School, the most natural and substantial source of the vitamin depends on how much UVB light gets through to you. That light reacts with a cholesterol-related compound and metabolizes into vitamin D, which is essential for bone health, creates healthy skin and may even help improve mental health.


3. Waves

Research shows that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain lulling you into a deeply relaxed state. Relaxing in this way can help rejuvenate the mind and body.

Also, floating in water means blood is diverted around from our lower limbs and pumped towards our abdominal region – the part of the body near the heart – because we are no longer standing upright. Fresh blood being pumped around the body brings more oxygen to our brain which makes us more alert and active.



4. Sand

Wet sand acts as a natural exfoliant and peels off dead skin cells from your feet (and really, anywhere else on your body), leaving them renewed and much softer.To take full advantage of sand’s rejuvenating qualities, take a walk near the water where the sand is “looser” and can wash over your feet. If you’re thinking exfoliation is a luxury and not a health essential, think again. Your skin sheds about 50,000 skin cells every minute and sometimes they stay attached to your body, which can cause your pores to clog and lead to blackhead and acne. Exfoliation keeps the skin clean, healthy and rejuvenated.


5. Minerals

The minerals in the ocean could help reduce symptoms for those with rheumatoid arthritis. According to a study, patients who used bath salts made from Dead Sea minerals also experienced fewer symptoms, like morning stiffness and trouble with hand gripping. You know what else can help relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis? Getting enough vitamin D, that’s right.


6. Seawater

The ocean is full of anti-aging minerals that can counter the decline of your skin’s elasticity among other things… this is great, great news!

As we grow older, our skin, as well as other things, tends to lose its tightness and suppleness. And while some people will do almost anything to look young, what we’re recommending is far less invasive and expensive. Treating your body to a little bit of saltwater every now and again will obviously not have the same dramatic effect as cosmetic intervention, but it can aid in the process of keeping everything a little bit tighter.

7. Peace

Unplugging is good for the mind, body and soul. According to a study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden,
red-boat-on-beach-richard-steinbergerstaying constantly plugged in has been associated with
stress, loss of sleep and depression. Let go of the tablets and smartphones and allow yourself a technology-free escape to this oasis every once in a while to help you re-center.
Seriously, don’t even try to bring your devices to the beach — as everyone knows, sand gets everywhere.




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